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$89 Tune Up Special

$89 Tune Up Special (Regularly $98)

During the $89 Spring A/C Tune Up, our trained technicians will professionally clean the system and perform a 26 step inspection of the A/C. The steps include:

Precision Tune–up Procedures

Cooling Season:

  • Inspect the blower motor; measure amperage and voltage for proper operation.

  • Inspect thermostat; calibrate and test for proper operation.

  • Inspect filters; clean existing filters as needed, or replace with new filters.

  • Inspect bearings.

  • Inspect indoor coil.

  • Inspect and confirm proper return air and size.

  • Inspect condenser coil for oil and potential leaks.

  • Inspect refrigerant, monitor operating pressures.

  • Inspect safety devices for proper operation.

  • Inspect electrical disconnect box for proper rating and safe installation.

  • Inspect electrical wiring and tighten connections if needed.

  • Inspect contactors for burned and/or pitted contacts, test for proper operation.

  • Inspect electrical for exposed or damaged wires.

  • Inspect capacitors and verify proper operation.

  • Inspect fan blade for damage.

  • Inspect and clean condenser coil and remove debris.

  • Inspect service valves and verify proper operation.

  • Measure supply/return temperature differential.

  • Inspect ductwork for energy loss or tears.

  • Inspect compressor and wired connections; monitor and measure amperage and volt draw.

  • Check unit for time delay relay.

  • Check unit for isolation pads.

  • Inspect suction line for proper fitting.

  • Inspect all fittings for signs of oil and or leakage.

  • Inspect lines and fittings with refrigerant leak detector.

  • Inspect condition of blower belt, if applicable.