Automatic Shut Off Valves in Sacramento, CA by Bronco Plumbing Heating and Air

When most people leave their homes for a period of time, whether for vacation or other reason, the top priority is making sure the home is safe from intruders. But what if a problem develops inside your home, such as with the plumbing, while you are away? Who will take care of your home then? When you have an automatic shut–off valve installed at your home by one of our experts, you won’t ever have to worry about coming home to a disastrous plumbing problem. An automatic shut–off valve does for your plumbing what a circuit breaker does for your home’s electrical system: it stops the flow of water from the main line as soon as a leak or too–low temperatures are detected.

Using specialized water sensors and a receiver that is wired to your house’s main water valve, an automatic shut off valve turns off the water completely once a leak has been detected or the temperatures in your home become too cold. Protecting your plumbing is one of our top priorities, and with the installation, repair or replacement of an automatic shut off valve by one of our experts, you can be assured that your plumbing is protected around the clock. Call our experts today to see how an automatic shut off valve can protect your home.

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Why an Emergency Shut Off Valve Is Important

When your home sustains water damage, the clean–up reaches further than what is visible on the surface. Depending on how much water leaked and how long it leaked, you could be looking at anything from aesthetic problems to structural problems, and typically the damage is a mixture of both; you may also be looking at mold remediation. Not all water damage is covered by home insurance, and even if it is, you may be out of pocket with a high deductible, depending on your insurance policy. However, you can help prevent a water damage scenario with the installation of an automatic shut off valve. This device, when installed correctly by experts, will turn off your home’s main water supply as soon as it detects a leak or temperatures that could potentially freeze your pipes. This kind of shut–off mechanism can save you from dealing with the costly and serious damage from a plumbing problem, so don’t hesitate to call our professionals in the Sacramento area about an automatic shut–off valve today!

We Install, Repair, Maintain and Replace Automatic Shut Off Valves in Sacramento, CA

There are any number of reasons your plumbing can fail, including aging, corrosion, weather events, human error and earthquakes. The challenge is in making sure that the plumbing failure doesn’t result in tremendous water damage to your home. A great step to take to help eliminate the possibility of this is to let the experts at Bronco Plumbing Heating and Air install a seismic shut off valve in your home. Already have an emergency shut–off valve? You’ll want to keep it operable with the right repair and maintenance, or replace it if needed to help keep your home safe from plumbing problems. Water damage can be both serious and costly, but not when you have an automatic shut off valve – call us today!